Geminibio LLC

In the XXl century, knowledge-intensive business faced a large deficit in the field of applied research. On the one hand, major universities conduct fundamental research with large budgets and government grants. On the other hand, laboratories in production often have enough resources only for a narrow set of actions. Only a small number of companies can afford to maintain a large R&D department with all the necessary equipment. The Geminibio Inc. team unites fundamental science and its specialists with the world of big business. All the problems of your business have long been resolved within the walls of leading research centers across the world, it remains only to take a step forward.



We adapt to the request of each of our clients and always work point-wise. Usually these are small companies that need fast but high-quality results. But among our customers there are often large chemical holdings.

"Our company develops new types of smart glass. For one of the new products, we needed 5,10-dimethyl-5,10-dihydrophenazine, which did not have its own CAS number ..."

Image by Ant Rozetsky

"At one of the production units, our specialists had a suspicion that carbide corrosion was taking place in one of the technological processes (the so-called" dusting of metals ") ..."


"At the Department of Physical Chemistry, we carried out a large study under a grant for Basic Research, the study was based on a patent of an American company ..."



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